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I finished two (yes 2) Paintings

I finished two (yes 2) Paintings

I admit I have been on quite a dry spell recently between doggies, Girl Scouts, Booga (and Booga has been AWFUL recently) I finally managed to finish two paintings. Neither of these paintings are for sale they are for an auction.  I am so happy with how they turned out and even sketched out more … Continue reading

WIP – Wednesday – Christmas Ornaments

You read that right I am starting on Christmas Ornaments and actually have several completed before September (YAY – ME!)  Last year I made several ornaments and donated 50% of the proceeds to charity.  The only ornaments I was able to complete last year were the Star for The Trevor Project, the Snowman for St. … Continue reading

Etsy Treasuries

In the past week I have had my work featured in several treasuries.  If you have a moment and are looking for some fantastic Christmas Gifts that have proceeds going to a good cause, check out these great Treasuries!

Awesome Easy Homemade Gift Bags

Awesome Easy Homemade Gift Bags

I needed a (last minute) gift idea for Teacher Appreciation Day for my daughter’s teachers.  Before everyone starts to panic – our school breaks up Teacher Appreciation Week into five days throughout the year it is called Wonderful Wednesdays.  I saw this idea on Cool 2 Craft P.J. Party last week and filed it away … Continue reading


I actually submitted not one but four pieces to Celebrate 365 (my amazing husband was the driving force behind this because I would not submitted anything).  I submitted four ornaments (a snowman, a tree, a star, and an angel) with the explanation of the donation to charity and a description of each piece.  I guess … Continue reading

Ornaments Almost Finished!

So I have been a busy little monster (elf seems so obvious)… I have been painting, painting, painting and painting today.  The pictures aren’t the best I took them with my cell phone – I am going to do everything at once tomorrow. Star Ornament – 50% goes to The Trevor Project.  The ornament is … Continue reading

Works in Progress (Quick Post)

I sent the box out this morning!  It was such a relief to hand that box to the mail lady 🙂  Now I am back to working on ornaments. The star will have the Chinese Character for Love in the center and will be shiny.  The tree will be more green and not so blue. … Continue reading