Comcast Woes… and other FUBAR things

So when you are a stay at home mom and do graphic design work on the side the one thing you need to connect to the outside world is internet. Unfortunately, Comcast has decided that my neighborhood doesn’t need internet this week. I have been able to get on for a couple minutes here and there but that is it. Also the moron who hacked my email account and changed my password – I HATE YOU!!!! I have one email that I need to print and can only access it on my phone because you changed the alternate email address for the password. Yesterday, I hated my computer with a passion – VISTA, words cannot describe how much venom I spewed at you – how hard is it too burn three files to a disk.

With all the computer and internet woes yesterday I did manage to do minor fixes on the brochure I am designing. I hope to have it completed and ready for the printer by Saturday. I have also been cruising along with digital scrapbooking, when I have the chance. I have created several more png files for everyone and as soon as Comcast gets it act together I will post them. As for this post I copied and pasted it from Word, so I didn’t type a whole post just to lose it because my internet went down.

I hope to have internet by tomorrow so I can start posting again. I have a couple of projects that Jillian and I are going to work on today – we are going to make green ice packs. I will take lots of pictures and post directions as soon as I can.

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