My New Idea…

I had this idea last night (mainly because I see it on other blogs). Theme Days!

I am thinking of two days a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) because it gives me a chance to post an awesome recipe and post about my frustrations in crafting.

Monday – Weekend Recovery/Picture/Etc. – Manic Mondays
Tuesday – Recipes/Cakes/Cooking Related Items – Tuesday Treats
Wednesday – Kid Projects – Wild, Wacky, Wednesdays
Thursday – My Projects – Treading Water Thursdays
Friday – Stuff – Friday Free For All
Saturday – Kid Projects – Super Duper Saturdays
Sunday – Stuff – Slow Down Sundays

I had originally thought of doing one everyday my thought it would help keep me focused, enough to continue blogging.  If you haven’t noticed I have ACD (Attention Crafting Disorder) I change my new B.F.F. every week, which makes theme days hard.  I have been reading that doing a theme everyday would be boring for readers, so I think I am going to keep it as is for a while.  I would love feed back on this, if you are willing. 

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