Treading Water Thursdays…

Well I’m going with the theme today and I have a huge weekend ahead of me. My little man is turning 1 on Monday and his party is on Sunday. I don’t have anything done: no gift bags, my house looks like a hurricane blew through it and I have no motivation to clean. The only thing I want to do is bake the cake, I am making a Wookiee cake for his birthday. There will be a huge post with a ton of pictures.

I have so much to do and no motivation to do it. I need to finish his birthday present, a felt tool box and I just don’t want too! I feel horrible because I have to finish it so he has something to open on his birthday but part of me feels like maybe if I don’t do it he won’t turn one. I know that isn’t true but my motivation is at a low right now.

I did finish the brochure and it is at the printers (happy dance!) I also go the key chain that I sold in the mail on Wednesday, so all in all very productive week. I really want to start painting again but I really need to start thinking about Christmas gifts. Now that I have finished the brochure I can start working on some Christmas items.

Please send good vibes for the cake – I am going to need it!

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