Chewbacca Cake

There aren’t too many things that make me question my sanity but this cake made me do just that. My son turned one this weekend and I wanted to do a special cake. At first I was thinking I will make a Thomas the Train Cake he loves Thomas, then I had a dream about a Chewbacca cake, so my son’s birthday cake became a Chewbacca cake.  There is one thing I have learned with making cakes, if I don’t dream about them they won’t turn out (hence the Big Lebowski Cake).  I have had no motivation to do anything this week dragging my feet with everything I do, so trying to find that motivation to do anything was extremely difficult.

I started baking the cake Saturday night, the fondant was already made thank god!  I made a double batch when I did the Mystery Machine Cake because I would not have wanted to make fondant.  Once the cakes were cooled and the frosting was made, I put on my iPod (greatest invention in the world!) and got to work.

Chewbacca Pez (my inspiration) and the cake trimmed
Side View
Cake covered with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

Construction in progress – I forgot to take a photo right after I covered it with fondant

Front view
Wookiee covered in plastic for the night in the fridge

Me working on the Chewbacca Cake
Right Side of Chewbacca
Left Side of Chewbacca
Back Side of Chewbacca

Close up

Birds Eye View

Close up of the eyes
Safe and sound in the fridge until the party!

Chewbacca with the candle

Me with the cake

This is the first time I have ever cut one of the cakes I baked (no one else would do it)

The face is intacked for another day

The cake took me at least 6 hours to construct and 5 minutes to eat (but it was a very good 5 minutes).  I wish I would have put something under the head to build it up so it didn’t look like a head on a platter.  I also wish I would have added more cake to the forehead area making it taller.  Otherwise it was a very yummy cake and was a huge hit!

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