Pre-K Homework Fun…

Pre-Kindergarten Homework?  Well not exactly, at least for my daughter but homework for me.  I guess I missed that Memo in Mom School stating “You will have school every night when your child is in Pre-K.”  It is the little things such as writing the alphabet, holding your pencil correctly, your child learning and recognizing their name, thumbs up for scissors, and so much more.  My daughter is extremely bright (sometimes it is really scary how smart she is) she knows her states, the first 5 Presidents (in order – I know adults who don’t know this: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, & Monroe), her alphabet, she can count to 40, she can also spell her name (first and last), she knows her phone number, and address.  This is stuff I taught her, that doesn’t even cover colors, artists, or basic fractions (she helps me cook).  I made Alphabet Flash Cards for her 2 years ago and she knows them all.  I promise this is not a post on how bright my daughter is.  It is to demonstrate what I don’t know and would have never thought to teach her.

The one thing I never showed her how to do was hold a pencil.  I never thought about it, it never crossed my mind she doesn’t know how to hold a pencil.  I am grateful I never showed her this because for 25+ years I have been holding my pencil wrong.  I looked it up on Google and notice that I have been holding my pencil wrong for 25+ years.  There are things you never think about with being an artist, one is how do you hold your brush, or pencil?  I use the thumb and pointer finger told hold the pencil (I like the control).  The proper way to hold or grip a pencil is to pinch it with your middle finger and thumb, using your pointer finger as a guide.  I can’t even describe how disappointed I am that I hold my pencil wrong.  I draw, paint and I hold my pencil incorrectly – I can honestly say that I really didn’t think this would bother me as much as it has.

Tripod Grip, The Correct Grasp for Holding a Pencil
See the DON’T DO THIS – that is how I hold my pencil

Who would have thought that holding a pencil would make me question my parenting or my artistic ability?  I know that sounds overly dramatic but it is the little things that make me think, am I a horrible parent because I hold my pencil wrong or if I held my pencil correctly would I be a better artist?  I guess I am going to try to re-learn how to hold a pencil, maybe I will use my left hand just to make it interesting.

So besides the pencil holding we needed to practice letters.  I have relearned the alphabet (font styles) several times, I had to do the alphabet with tails in school, then in college the architecture way, and now the “new” normal with no tails.  This is the only way I can write for the next 18 years (sigh).  I went through and drew dash letter Bbs and we practiced on writing paper our letter Bb.  She did really well practicing her letters and we also practiced our Letter Poems.

I had intended on this awesome post about Native American Art (which I will post about someday soon) but this really was weighing on me today.  I guess you don’t know what you forgot to teach your child, until it is brought to your attention.

Today’s Moral:  It is important to teach your children how to hold their pencils correctly or they will be in their thirties trying to relearn how to hold a pencil.

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