Warhol Inspired Wall Art

Now that I am back to the land of the living after my battle with the Savannah Crud (yes, that is the technical name for it) I wanted to do a project with my son.  I was looking back through some of my Arts & Activities Magazines and I came across a project in the November 2003 Issue (one of favorite magazines it is geared towards Art Educators).  The article was called H’andy Warhol: Prints Lead to 15 Minutes of Fame a project geared towards Kindergarten and 1st grade.  I thought this would be a great project for my son, who is one.  I also wanted to modify the project a little bit, I had some more bad CDs from trying to burn stuff, so I figured it would be prefect to glue everything to that.  The added bonus would be that no frame would be needed.  This post is a little picture heavy but I wanted to demonstrate how much fun playing with paint is.

Supplies:  2 old CDs, Teal Scrapbook Paper, Traced Footprint and Handprint on White Cardstock, Finger Paint, Freezer Paper, Mod Podge, Yarn, and Ribbon

Note the taped Freezer Paper to the floor.  Finger Paint put on a plate, add 1/2 naked baby and let the fun begin.

This is mighty tasty paint, mom.

Getting his whole body into it.  He thought I said Yves Klein not Andy Warhol painting.

I am having so much fun!

Body Paint, Floor Paint – What do you mean it is bath time?

After a brief intermission (bath time) it was time to put it together.  I attached the ribbon with tape.  I also traced and cut out my circles (2 white and 2 teal).

Once the ribbon was attached, I glued white paper over the ribbon and tape.

I then glued teal paper to the other side.

I cut out the footprint and glued the footprint to the teal paper.

I did the same with the handprint.  I then took yarn and glued the yarn around the outside to give it a nice finished look.

I then covered everything with Mod Podge and let them dry.

I took down two family photos for this photo since my son’s room isn’t finish yet.

Close up of the hand

Close up of the foot.

Learning Objectives:
– Learn about American Pop artist, Andy Warhol (1928-1987)
– Learn the definition of “Pop Art” – Wikipedia Definition for Pop Art
– Observe similarities and differences in several works of art.
– Learn about the properties of acrylic paint (or in my case finger paint)

Project based on the following article:
Gibson, Marcia. “H’andy Warhol: Prints Lead to 15 Minutes of Fame.” Arts and Activities Nov. 2003: 22-23

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