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Handprint Sun-catchers

Handprint Sun-catchers

I have been trying to get the Booga involved a little more in my art and my crafting stuff.  The princess was all about creating art, coloring in coloring books and playing with chalk when she was his age.  Booga still eats chalk and crayons so it makes creating stuff with him extremely difficult.  I … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving Banner

Andrea Currie did a fantastic Happy Thanksgiving Banner with acorns.  My daughter is obsessed with acorns but I decided I wanted to do something a little more personal.  So I decided to make handprint turkey banners with the kids (well one of the kids – the other screamed through it and tried to eat feathers.)  … Continue reading

Homemade Felt Tent… Idea Stage

I really want everything this Christmas to be homemade but what do you get for a one year old little boy?  I was searching last night because I honestly don’t want to pay $50 for the Thomas the Train Mega Block Set.  There are many reason why, but here are the two main ones:  I … Continue reading

Hand Bats!

I was flipping through the most recent Oriental Trading Catalog and saw the cutest little hand bats.  I thought is would be perfect for the kids (a little messy but still fun!)  It would also give my daughter a chance to practice cutting (THUMBS UP!) Materials:2 Sheets of white paperBlack Finger PaintSponge Brushpaper platescissorsglue stick*Glitter*Glitter … Continue reading

Parnivore (pär’ nə vör) and Thank You Cards

Definition (and word) is courtesy of my husband: parnivore (pär’ nə vör) n.[[< L paro, paper + vorare, todevour]] 1 A young person who eats paper, often preferring it over morepalatable food options that have been recently offered, rejected, and discardedon the floor, where the aforementioned paper is then found   So my To-do List … Continue reading


In honor of opening weekend of the NFL I decided to change my blog background to Packer colors. Don’t worry Laura it will only be for this weekend (unless we make the Playoffs then all bets are off!)  So feel free to smack talk on this blog post – I deserve it since I am … Continue reading

Warhol Inspired Wall Art

Now that I am back to the land of the living after my battle with the Savannah Crud (yes, that is the technical name for it) I wanted to do a project with my son.  I was looking back through some of my Arts & Activities Magazines and I came across a project in the … Continue reading

Mobile for Baby

The mobile hanging in my living room – it has never made it to his bedroom As I have gone through past items I have made and taken photos of I decided to write up a blog entry.  When I was pregnant with Vincent the one thing I wanted was a black and white mobile.  … Continue reading

Scrapbooking the 1st Year of Life…

I didn’t believe my cousin when she said, “Good luck keeping up with all that scrapbooking when you have your second kid.”  I thought no way, I love to scrapbook. I will dutifully fulfill my motherly duty and scrapbook just as insanely as I did with Jillian.  Fast forward to today as I am typing … Continue reading