WHOOO-WHOOO – Progress Photos New Crazy Drawing

After my meltdown during bath time last night, my son fell out of the tub (he is fine, he laughed) and my daughter dumped a half of bottle of aloe filled shampoo into the tub (my hands are still red and swollen – I am allergic to aloe).  I decided that I needed to draw something to calm my nerves.  I decided to draw an Owl (I hope to finish it so I can enter it in an Owl Contest.)  Another 5″x7″ pen and ink drawing (stipple) but this one seems to be going faster than previous one (aka: Sea Turtle).  Sorry the photos are not the best I took them with my cell phone (so I could send it to my mom).

I put the shadows in with a 3 point pen

Starting to fill in the feathers with an 0x3 pen

Hope to have it finished soon.

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