Happy First Day of Fall (tomorrow for Europe)

Confused this morning by the first day of fall because my calendar says it is tomorrow and the news said it was this morning, so I Googled it!  According to the site Apples for the Teacher it is today for the Northern Hemisphere and tomorrow for Europe.  I have no idea why fall has two different days but this year it does.  What does fall bring?  Cooler temperatures (hopefully someday soon), apple cider, pumpkins, football, and beautiful bright colors.

The beautiful colors always inspire me to create art.  I actually want to pull out my oil pastels sometime this week (I have not played with oil pastels in 10 years).  I am almost done with my random acts of kindness card I hope to have it finished today and the Thank you cards!  Once they are finished I will post pictures or scan them in so everyone can see them.

I have made progress on the owl:


More Progress

What the owl currently looks like, coming along much faster than the Sea Turtle!

I have also taught my son to say, “BAH!” every time Michael Vick’s name is mentioned on ESPN and to blow raspberries when Brett’s name is mentioned – I think I have taught him well.  I really need to get video of this because it is quite funny! 

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