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Colored Pencil Drawings

Colored Pencil Drawings

I have recently been entering my Colored Pencil Drawings in a monthly Challenge put on by Colored Pencil Magazine.  I have entered four so far, I haven’t won anything which is fine because I didn’t enter to win, I have entered them to keep myself motivated and to explore Colored Pencil once again.  When I … Continue reading

Work In Progress – Rusty Car

Work In Progress – Rusty Car

I have been working hard on my colored pencil drawing it is far bigger than anything I have done since college.  I completely understand why color pencil size suggestions are at least 20″x10″ this make it so you just can print something modified in Photoshop. At most I get four hours of colored pencil time. … Continue reading

Zentangles Orbs and My Up-Cycled Travel Case

I know I have been writing quite a bit about Zentangles but I admit these little drawings are FANTASTIC stress relievers.  I told about a challenge from one of my readers (Thank you Leslie!) and decided to try making a Zentangle according to the challenge – I am Diva weekly Zentangle challenge is Orbs.  I … Continue reading

Zentangles… and Finding My Happy Place

I must admit at first I didn’t want to know what Zentangles were or how they were created (I am too damn busy!)  Then I started seeing more posts at The Hive about them and my Facebook Feed looked like a Zentangles advertisement page, so I decided to read about them.  I found claims that … Continue reading

BELIEVE… My First Mixed Media Piece

So I decided to do a piece revolving around my word for 2011.  The one criteria I had was it had to be a mixed media piece.  I wanted to challenge myself because I don’t do mixed media (I’m a one media at a time type of gal – lol).  So I played with new … Continue reading

Pyrography (AKA: Wood Burning)

I remember the first wood burning kit I got was from my grandfather for Christmas one year.  My mom was less than pleased with my grandfather.  Giving a child (I think I was 10 or 11) a devise to burn things with, never pans out well.  Thankfully for my parents sake I was not that … Continue reading

Colored Pencil Drawing…

So I am currently working on a colored pencil drawing for a contest at The Hive, for that reason I can not show progression photos on my blog (it has to be a surprise).  I can assure everyone I have taken progression photos of this painstakingly slow process.  I also thought this drawing would enhance … Continue reading

Oil Pastel Hummingbird

It has been ten years since I have used my oil pastels and for some reason I needed to use them.  I pulled them out this week and literally blew the dust off of them.  The last time I used them I was single, no kids, lived in the ghetto, and would drink canned beer … Continue reading

Oil Pastel Drawing – In Progress

I have been wanted to draw this week, since my joint compound won’t be hear until this weekend (then I will attempt to make paper clay).  Last night I pulled out my oil pastels (I blew the dust off of them since it had been 10 years – seriously, I have not used them in … Continue reading