Thankful Thursdays…

Wow, the last Thursday in September this month (year) has been flying, it is that time of the week to remind myself what I am Thankful for.
1.  Rain, after almost two months of no rain I forgot how much I missed the sound of the rain lulling me to sleep at night.
2.  Ken Burns documentaries from Baseball to our National Parks, you did it again with the Tenth Inning – FANTASTIC!  I am also going to lump TiVo into section, so I can now watch it over and over again.
3.  Keeping my cool – Telling someone that they are illegally parked at the walking stop, being called several (bad) names and throw in the rain, can make anyone snap.  Thankfully I didn’t because I can’t afford bail my behind out of jail.
4.  Pain killers – between my back, female things, and my hand this week, I am grateful for them.
5.  Finishing my first Oil Pastel Drawing in 10 years (YAY me!)
6.  My son, even though he has been a tur-duck-in this week.  He learned how to give hugs and it is the cutest thing in the world.
7.  My daughter, she came home from school yesterday and said I need blank paper because I want to be creative like you.
8.  My husband, for making me laugh when the going gets tough (i.e. walking stop lady), getting me Mortin with out asking, and finishing painting our sons bedroom (someday soon we will have our bedroom back!)
9.  My mom, because she is mom.  She is also sending me joint compound and toilet paper so I can experiment with making my own paperclay.
10.  Pumpkins – because when you see pumpkins and hear people talk about pumpkins, fall is here!  I love fall, almost as much as spring.  I am a fan of winter but I would be more of a fan if it snowed in Georgia.

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