Tasty Tuesdays – Stuffed Peppers

I thought of this recipe when my cousin was asking for a good stuffed pepper recipe.  This recipes my favorite cookbook EVER – Betty Crocker Cookbook!

Stuffed Green Peppers
6 large green peppers
1 pound hamburger
2 TBSP chopped onion
1 tsp salt
1/8 tsp garlic salt
1 cup cooked rice
1 can (15 ounces) tomato sauce
3/4 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

Cut thin slice from stem end of each pepper.  Remove seeds and membranes; rinse.  Cook peppers in enough boiling water to cover 5 minutes; drain.

Cook and stir hamburger and onion in 10-inch skillet until hamburger is light brown; drain.  Stir in salt, garlic salt, rice and 1 cup of the tomato sauce; heat through.

Stuff each pepper with hamburger mixture; stand upright in ungreased baking dish, 8x8x2 inches.  Pour remaining sauce over peppers.  Cover; cook in 350 degree oven for 45 minutes.  Uncover; cook 15 minutes longer.  Sprinkle with cheese.  6 Servings.

The great thing about this recipe is that you can modify it.  We have made this with no meat (veggie style) and we have done beans, turkey and chicken instead of ground beef (all are very tasty).  We have also added vegetables, added fresh garlic, basil, oregano, eliminated the salt (it really doesn’t need it).  This is a great recipe base, have fun with it – I have yet to have a bad stuffed pepper!  I have also steamed the peppers in the microwave which is really easy and is much faster!

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