Adventures in (Homemade) Paper Clay…

So I have been working with the homemade paper clay for a little over a week now and I must say the second batch I made is fantastic!  The clay is much smoother and not as wet as the first batch.  I am enjoying myself and started on Christmas stuff.

Headless Santa – (the base was an old project that I started over because I didn’t like it)

I have been able to experiment (when the kids are asleep) here are some progress photos of my first sculpture in a very, very long time.

Santa looks like my dad with a Santa beard
Before I fixed the head and arms
I moved the head down so it looked more like praying
Bad close up of the face (I took it with my phone – big shock)

My dad and I on my wedding day (see Santa looks like my dad)

Also my first “human” sculpture I was going to say ever but my mom so politely reminded me of my Marilyn Monroe paper mache bust I did in high school (SCARY!)  My mom is doll artist she hasn’t sculpted in years but is very good at her craft (when she does it).  The whole time I was building my (sorry) Santa armature I was whining, “I wish my mom was here so she could build it.”  After several adjustments (tin foil) I had a half way decent armature that could stand (kneel) without falling over. 

Growing up I left the sculpting to my mom.  I did paintings, pottery and drawings, I had no desire to “sculpt” anything.  In college I took some pottery classes and loved the sculpture assignments but I never did a human.  I am more of a flower and nature person, also humans are hard so I didn’t do them.  Santa isn’t finished yet (much refining needed) but not too shabby for my second person I have ever sculpted.  I will keep everyone updated on my progress.

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