Tie Dye Pumpkin Shirts

I saw this idea in October 2009 Family Fun Magazine I have wanted to do this ever since.  I personally have no Halloween shirts (sad but true!)  Last year tie dying anything was out of the question my son was a month old any free time I had was dedicated to sleeping.  My daughter and I went to the Dollar Store this weekend and they had white t-shirts (which they never have) so I picked up two for tie dying purposes.  I knew I had dye just not sure on the colors.  When I got home I checked and found I had orange dye (yea – me!) and all the supplies to do it (double yea!)  This meant it was family project time – pumpkin tie dye shirts for all!

Dye Bin (5 gallon bucket)
White Shirts
Rubber bands
Soda Ash
N.F.F. (Not For Food) Measuring Cups and Spoons – It is very important that you do not use measuring cups or spoons for food after using it for dying (Dollar Store Rocks for this!)
Magic Markers (or fabric paint markers)

Pile of white t-shirts (soon to be orange shirts)

The shirts in the Dye Bin (I named it in college – original I know)

Me dying the shirts.  The photos were all taken by my husband

A nice shot of the orange Dye Bin

Showing my husband an orange shirt

My daughter helping

My daughter hamming it up for the camera (my husband was holding our son)

Pretty gloves

Letting it sit and soak up all the orange goodness

The rinsed shirts

Another shot of the rinsed and unbound shirts

Hanging them up in the garage before they went in the dryer.
Front of my pumpkin shirt
Back of my pumpkin shirt

I promise to have photos of everyone in their shirts soon.  This was a really fun project and I now finally have a Halloween Shirt (Happy Dance!)

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