Thankful Thursdays…

It is Thursday and it is time to reflect on what I am Thankful for because I think we lose sight of this in our busy everyday lives.
1.  Family, it seems so simple to be thankful for your family but could you imagine being seperated for long periods of time or even worse them being gone?  Hug the ones you love a little tighter tonight just so they know how much you love them.
2.  The miners – I have never been so excited to see a person emerge out of a hole in the ground than I was Tuesday night when the first miner made it to safety.  The jubilation was still going when the 33 miner was pulled up last night!
3.  Beautiful fall days, I love fall and I love this beautiful weather taking the kids for a walk everyday has been wonderful.
4.  Finishing a project – elation when I finish one (I managed to finish two this week.)
5.  Hyperbole Posts because I really needed a laugh this week and her newest post made me cry tears of joy.
6.  Beer after a long, long day.  Yesterday was a horrible day.  From the reservations line to my son destroying one of my Christmas ornaments (it was in the middle of the kitchen table – I had know idea he could reach it, then proceed to rip off the snowman’s head.)  The cold beer I had last night was fantastic!
7.  Cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies because they are so good!
8.  Greek Food – October is Greek Festival and the only time of year I get Greek Food.  I can not wait for my stuffed grape leaves.
9.  My son’s ability to find the only speck of fuzz the vacuum cleaner missed and eat it.  I vacuum every other day and sometimes every day but my son’s ability to find that one piece of fuzz amazes me.  I guess you never know how clean your house is until you have a baby boy – lol!  My daughter’s ability to make me laugh when she is yelling, screaming, and crying at my son.  I don’t mean to laugh but “STOP YOUR TORMENTING ME!”  Is really funny when my son is laughing like a little hyena.
10.  ESPN – this is cheesy I know but I love sitting drinking my coffee in the morning watching ESPN it makes me happy (even if they spend the whole show talking about Brett Favre and Randy Moss.)

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week and I will have pictures of the wreath up soon.

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