Mummy Eyeball Wreath Tutorial

Here it is the Eyeball Wreath now cleverly named the Mummy Eyeball Wreath because my ideas seem to morph into something new.  The original idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while I had recently found an old sketchbook with a bunch of doodles, one was for an eyeball wreath.  My original idea was to use ping pong balls but I was not going to buy a bunch of ping pong balls to make this wreath.  Then I thought maybe I could use one ping pong ball and slice it in half and cast eyeballs with Plaster of Paris.   The cast with plaster idea, then went to clay and eventually I decided paper clay because I had just made my first batch.  I then started thinking what could use as a mold for my eyeballs and then I thought of the half empty egg carton in the fridge (perfect, I hard boiled the eggs just for the carton and to make egg salad).
Material List:
Air Dry Clay Homemade Paper Clay
Empty Egg Carton
Wreath (Dollar Store)
Hot Glue/Hot Glue Gun
White Paint/Brush
Puffy Paint Assorted Colors
Cheese Cloth
*Glow in the Dark Paint/Glitter


We rolled out one inch balls of clay and then created pinch pots in the the egg carton.
My helper hard at work
Hamming it up for the camera
The eyeballs drying in the egg carton
Another view of the drying eyeballs
Eyeballs removed from the egg carton after 6 hours.  I left the eyeballs dry for 2 days to ensure that they were dry thoroughly.
Painting the eyeballs with white acrylic paint.
Puffy paint on the eyeballs.
Another shot of the eyeballs (half painted)
Cardboard that I glued on to the wreath with Tacky Glue
I then tied the cardboard to the wreath and hot glued the eyeballs to the cardboard
All the eyeballs hot glued to the cardboard
I decided to wrap everything with cheesecloth to make the wreath look like a mummy.  I took cheesecloth, cut it into 1 1/2″ strips and wrapped it around the eyeballs and tied the ends to secure everything.  I did secure some of the cheesecloth with glue so it would hold around the eyes.  Spray with an outdoor sealer.
The Mummy Eyeball Wreath hanging outside.  I do want to add some glow in the dark paint or glitter.

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