My Monsters…

Jeff and I have been together over eight years now and over the years monsters have developed to explain certain things (missing cupcakes, rulers, etc.)  Here is a list of the Monsters that have been created and an explanation of each.

First is Bibl Skol (Bible School) AKA: B-Bip:

B-Bip (artist conception) was around long before Jeff and I were together.  He and his sister created a whole back story about a giant purple monster who loves to eat the flower cookies with the holes in the middle at Vacation Bible School everywhere.  The primary role of the Bible School Monster is to act as an enforcer of sorts, making sure ALL kids attend VBS, whether they want to or not.  All the pocket monster books I have done have B-Bip as the main monster.

The Cupcake Monster:

I created Herbert the Cupcake Monster to explain the missing orange cupcakes.  He eats cupcakes and leaves notes telling the “victim” how good the cupcake was.  I even created a children’s book revolving around the Cupcake Monster (several years ago notice the maiden name) – I revamped it and entered the story into a Children’s Book Writing Contest so I’m not going to put it online until after the “judging” is done sometime next year.

The Studio Monster:

Frank the Studio Monster – He steals metal rulers and wears them as a kilt.  Ankle bracelets of masking tape and the necklace of a mechanical pencil wrapped in wire.  Whenever you missing an item in your studio it a safe bet Frank has taken it.

I love creating monsters and I’m sure there will be many, many more in my future 🙂

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