Pumpkin Carving! Pictures of Pumpkins Past (and the New One!)

Every year I carve an insane pumpkin (I have done Bella Lugosie, Sponge Bob, Super Why, and the Evil Queen from Snow White) this year it was a Littlest Pet Shop Peacock.  I only carve one pumpkin because it really hurts my hands gutting the pumpkin and getting the pumpkin prepped and ready to carve.

Side of the SpongeBob Pumpkin – I don’t have any pictures of the pumpkin without my daughter’s name on it.  Out of respect for her privacy I am not posting those pictures, until I Photoshop her name out of it.

Bella pumpkin – the first round of pictures did not turn out.  So these pictures so Bella a little south of fresh.

Bella Pumpkin
Last year’s 3D pumpkin – Super Why (NEVER AGAIN!  This pumpkin took me almost 7 hours.  I can handle 3 hours not 7 hours!)

Cell Phone picture of the finished pumpkin – I need to upload photos once I do I will add!

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