Awesome Easy Homemade Gift Bags

Easy Homemade Gift Bags

I needed a (last minute) gift idea for Teacher Appreciation Day for my daughter’s teachers.  Before everyone starts to panic – our school breaks up Teacher Appreciation Week into five days throughout the year it is called Wonderful Wednesdays.  I saw this idea on Cool 2 Craft P.J. Party last week and filed it away in my head.  I almost forgot about the gifts until I ran frantically to Wal-mart because we needed cough medicine for my little girl (she stayed home from school sick on Tuesday).  I picked up some Ghirardelli’s Chocolate and decided to make the gift bags.  I am not going to do a full (step by step) post because Cyn Gagen (she is AMAZING and extremely crafty!) did a fantastic job on showing a step by step process on the Cool 2 Craft show.  It is the second demonstration, I recommend watching the first one also because it is really cool too!

I used watercolor paper that my daughter painted with Tempera paint and then lined the inside with a drawing my daughter did.  I used the brads and tied ribbon around the bag so the chocolates wouldn’t fall out.  This project took maybe 10 minutes per bag and they are so cute!  What better way to say THANK YOU than making something homemade (I did cheat I bought the chocolate but the bags are GREAT!)

Here is the finished products:

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The picture was taken with my cell phone my camera (shocking I know) but this time I have a good reason the battery is charging.  Also please ignore the awful bow tying job my bows are always that bad – lol!

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