I actually submitted not one but four pieces to Celebrate 365 (my amazing husband was the driving force behind this because I would not submitted anything).  I submitted four ornaments (a snowman, a tree, a star, and an angel) with the explanation of the donation to charity and a description of each piece.  I guess I am slowly coming out of my artistic shell, embracing the art and the pieces I create, not running and hiding from it.  What is so amazing about that last statement is that I have never bragged about the accolades I have won (there is no point – they look good on a resume but that is it).  Jeff and I were together for more than 5 years when he found out about some of the awards I have won.  I don’t like to brag, I never have and I think toting my artistic accomplishments around is bragging.  I only have two pictures I have done hanging in my house (and those are to creep out a friend – Howdy Doody Photos).  It isn’t because I don’t like my painting or photos it is because I don’t want to answer the following questions: 
Them:  “Nice picture where did you get that?” 
Me:  “I painted that.”
Them:  “Really?!?  That is amazing, you have a great talent you need to promote yourself or get into a studio.”
Then there is this long ackward silence and I ask how is the weather outside.  As you can see this has happened before and that is why I don’t have any of my paintings hanging in my house.

Jeff told me it is good to be humble but I have an amazing gift and I need to share it.  He also loves the fact I am donating 50% of all the ornaments to charity (he says that is because I have a big heart).  I know if I was physically able I would do more charities but I am human and there is no way I can even think of adding more charities right now. 

This post took on a life of it’s own but that is what happens when you journey into my mind (scary I know!)  They are not on my Etsy Store yet because I can’t seem to get into my shop – I keep getting an error.  Hopefully that will be fixed soon!  If you want to see the ornaments I posted them on my Facebook Fan Page.  Blogger has been having picture uploading issues so I couldn’t get them on here.  I would love to know what everyone thinks of them.  Even if you think they are crap, I still want to know but you have to say WHY you think they are crap!  Nothing bugs me more than being told they are crap and no explanation why they are crap.

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