PSA: Don’t Forget to VOTE!

Once again I am aware this is an Art Blog but some things trump art and performing a Civic Duty is one of them.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or other, please perform your Civic Duty tomorrow and VOTE!  It does not matter who you VOTE for just VOTE!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone who could vote would vote?  Imagine what the media would say if that would happen.  More people vote for American Idol or Dancing with the Stars instead of voting for our future (sad but true).

Voting is the single most important thing you can do tomorrow!  Please take time out of your busy schedule tomorrow and VOTE.  I know I am happy to see this Political Season end (I am sick of all the commercials) and what better way to upset everyone than to VOTE!

Remember if you don’t VOTE you can’t complain!

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