49 Days and Counting…

Christmas is 49 days away, which means I need to start thinking really hard about Christmas gifts for the family and also how much blogging I will be doing this Holiday Season.  Last year I averaged once a week when it came to posting  but I had a new born and a 4 year old who wasn’t in school.  I hope to keep up with my blog a little better than last year (I have way more Followers – THANK YOU!).  I have some wonderful ideas for projects it will depend if I get the time to do them.  I am still on the fence on making my own Christmas cards.  Do I spend a couple bucks on Christmas Cards from the store or do I make collage with old ones?  I also hate with a passion making envelopes but I have a ton of business envelopes so can I get away with using those?  Maybe add some stamps to the outside to make them look festive.  I guess I am a little overwhelmed with the holidays fast approaching.  I always bake (tons and tons of cookies) and try to make as many gifts as possible.  My to do list increases day by day during the holidays and I guess I am not sure I want to add to that by making my own cards.  Then again my daughter and I would have a blast doing it!

I also am in charge of the Christmas Party for my daughter’s class.  I’m scared – lol.  My mother-in-law gave me a wonderful, easy project to do with them (she taught Kindergarten/Pre-K for 20+ years).  We are going to make reindeer ornaments out of craft sticks.  Fun! Fun! Fun!  I am going to put together the reindeer and they are going to paint them, add glitter glue, eyes, and pom-poms.  I hope they turn out. 

So expect more focus on the holidays in the next couple of weeks.  It should be a fun ride!

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