Making it a Homemade Christmas

Last night I decided to make Christmas Cards I think I need about 50 cards – I have 3.  I am going to let my daughter make Christmas Tree, Angel, and Candy Cane out of ripped paper bits and Glitter Glue.  I think they might turn out to be ornaments that can be detached from the card.  The more I thought about it the more I thought it would be appreciated and appropriate if we as a family made our Christmas Cards.  I figure it will be a fun learning experience for my daughter (we need to practice certain fine motor skills, ripping paper for 25 Christmas cards will be educational and fun) and my son gets to play with paint, which always makes for a great blog post.  
I always make certain things last year I painted glasses for my dad, brother, sister in law and a couple friends.  I think this year they are all getting cookies – lol (yes, that is a cop out).  I do have ideas for my dad and brother a wood burning project I think on a cigar box (I might even fill them with cigars – well maybe not).  I have no idea what to do for my father-in-law he is so hard to shop (make stuff) for.  My husband – no clue (more and likely a last minute thing like last year).  I am in a wood burning mood so my mom, mother-in-law and sister-in-laws might get a wood burning project (maybe frames or boxes)?  As for the kids I have no idea.  My daughter has her LPS obsession so I’m sure it will be something revolving around that.  My son I wanted to get him a Thomas Mega Block Train Set but I am always afraid it will be recalled (lol).  I want my children to learn giving during the Holiday Season, I don’t want them growing up expecting extravagant gifts every Christmas.  I want Christmas to be special, I want them to learn the best presents come from the heart not from a store.  The flip side is I know the older they get the more they will want the Wii or Playstation or the newest toy but I still want them to appreciate the handmade aspect of Christmas.  My favorite memories as a child was making hot coco and helping my mom with Christmas cards, cookies and Pork Pies.
I want them to have memories of helping me make gifts, cookies or other Christmas projects because I know they will never remember what the new “got to have it” toy was in 2010.  I want my kids to believe in Santa as long as possible and I don’t want anyone to ruin that for them.  My kids are little and have made me remember why I loved Christmas so much.  The innocence and joy of visiting Santa in the mall and leaving cookies and a letter for him on Christmas Eve.  Waking up to a mountain of gifts knowing Santa came because Baby Jesus magically appeared in the Nativity Scene.  The traditions of the Holiday Season is what I want my kids to remember.  I want them to pass those traditions to their children and grandchildren, so I think the Homemade Christmas Cards are the way to go.

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