Homemade Thank You Cards (Tweeking the Fine Motors Skills)

This week my daughter and I have slowly been working on Thank You Cards from my daughter’s Birthday Party.  Her teacher told us we needed to work on her fine motor skills and ripping paper would be a great project for her.  I decided to have her make Thank You Cards by ripping a different color paper (scrap paper) for each letter.  She also needs to practice her cutting skills so I had her cut out the YOU part of the card.

Card Stock (any color – I used white) folded in have (mine fit into a business envelope)
Glue Stick
Scrap Paper (assorted colors)
***Markers or Puffy Paint
***Bone Folder

Pick a word write in big bubble letters on the front of the card.  Add glue and rip the scrap paper into tiny pieces.  Adhere the pieces to the card.  I recommend picking a different color for each letter. 

My daughter’s Thank You Card

This was a simple card and the fact we ripped paper made my daughter’s day.  It also helped her develop the fine motor skills she will need in Kindergarten.  I think she did a fantastic job on it and I think her Uncle is going to LOVE it!

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