Homemade Felt Tent… Idea Stage

I really want everything this Christmas to be homemade but what do you get for a one year old little boy?  I was searching last night because I honestly don’t want to pay $50 for the Thomas the Train Mega Block Set.  There are many reason why, but here are the two main ones:  I don’t want it to be recalled a week into using it and the thought of picking up all those blocks every night makes my head hurt.
So I started searching for a solution and found a wonderful blog called Homemade by Jill and loved her felt playhouse.  I then found an awesome Etsy Store called Miss Pretty, Pretty and it got me thinking I could so make one of those for my son for Christmas!  I am fairly handy with a sewing machine and I love working with felt so why not design my own train based theme.  So this morning I drew out the design (complete with clocks and a map of the US) and even figured out how to make a base out of 1/2″ PVC pipe.  I did 1-800-DIAL-DAD to get my dad’s input on the base – I think he is more excited than me (wish he lived closer so he could build it – lol).  The base is going to be 34″ x 34″ cubed the size of a standard card table but it will be clasp-able for easy storage or transport.

I am currently working on the embellishments for the sides.  I know there will be a ticket window that will be able to roll up.  Two clocks one Arrival and Depart, I want them to be out of felt but I want the hands to move thinking a cardboard base and little wing things.  I also plan on having a map of the US on there.  I am really excited to make this – I hope I finish it before Christmas, LOL!

So back to work since I not have a ton of it – good news making progress on the Christmas Cards, they might be ready to go out December 23rd – lol!

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