Felt Play Tent – Work In Progress

I really need to stop thinking about this because the more I think about it the more educational stuff I want to add.  I currently have a completely embroidered map and a felt clock with movable hands (there will be a tutorial on this soon).  I am not the best embroider I will say by the end of this project I might be a pretty darn good one. 

Print out of the US that I embroidered with green thread.  I started pealing the paper away from some of the states (I wanted to see how it looked).
Half finished
The map scanned in.  The background is a peachy/pinkish felt with green and light blue thread.
The clock.  I embroidered the clock numbers first I then I glued the felt to cardboard.  The clock hands were glued to cardboard (old cereal box).  A paper brad was placed in the middle to make the hands spin.

I was thinking of embroidering the Presidents on the train car then decided against it – I think I am making the right call on this, even though I think it would be awesome.  I also think for a one year old knowing all the Presidents is over kill (even though I watch the Presidents DVD all the time).  So I am back to more age appropriate items – I am thinking of maybe making one of the wheels of the train an interactive color wheel.  I was thinking of even adding the alphabet on another train car, I’m not sure how much embroidery I want to do.  I might even do basic shapes but like I said I’m not sure how much I want to do.  I still have signs to make Depart/Arrival/Destination and Tickets.  I am having fun making this I really hope it continues!

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