Thanksgiving Day Vase

So I finished the Thanksgiving Day Centerpiece for my spread yesterday.  Granted it is no Lisa Simpson Masterpiece but I think my leaf inspired vase is something to be proud of.  I am no Martha Stewart when it comes to the Holiday decorating I never have table pieces or anything fancy.  I am a fan of table clothes up until recently but beyond that I don’t usually do a fancy Centerpiece.  This year I really, really wanted something to accent the no tablecloth in my house.  I know I could try to put a tablecloth on the table and then risk my 3 days of hard work being yanked off in a matter of seconds by my little Booga (think Ghostbusters but I don’t think anything would still be standing). 
I posted the other day that I started painting leaves with shiny paint to enhance the beauty of the leaf.  I started doing this and sort of got a little carried away (I admit it is easy to do).  I am still working on the serving dish but I need to take a break for a while just to see if it sets correctly.  The vase on the other hand is finished!  I added some gold and copper shiny paint to the acorn caps and hot glued it to the glass.  Once the acorns cooled I added little dots of gold and copper paints around the leaves.  I then Mod Podge the whole thing!

Vase WIP
I started with gluing the leaves on with Tacky Glue – I think I was just being a tad impatient with the Mod Podge.  Sorry they are so pixelated – cell phone but now I can stamp them.
Once I let the leaves set I decided (on the advice of my daughter to add acorn caps from her collection.  I washed the caps the same way I did the leaves (a vinegar/hot water bath) and let them dry.  Once the leaves were dry I painted them with gold and copper paint to make them match the leaves.  I thought the vase needed a little something extra, so I took the tip of the handle side of my paint brush and made prefect dots around the edge of the leaves in gold and copper.  Once I completed that I added Mod Podge, I needed to seal the vase somehow and I figured Mod Podge would be the best way to seal everything.
Vase with Mod Podge
Vase covered in Mod Podge waiting for it to dry.
I have been trying to figure out what to put in the vase because I really don’t want flowers in it.  It turned out too pretty for flowers so I am thinking of maybe putting some acorns and pinecones in it or I might try and put a candle in it.  I know if I do decide to put acorns in it I will definitely have a helper finding the acorns Smile
A better shot of the vase with the Mod Podge drying.
Shot of the finished vase
The inside of the vase has the rest of my daughter’s acorn collection.
Another shot of the finished vase.

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