Trying Something New…

So I use Windows Live to help organize certain pages (the Blogs I Frequent Page!) I like it for the most part.  I decided to start writing my blog post in Windows Live and see how well it works.  I am not knocking Blogger but I just want to try something different.
One of the reason is to check to see if I can upload different types of Font, such as this one P22 Eaglefeather.  It is by far my favorite font it is based the writing Frank Lloyd Wright. 
Another of my favorite fonts is called Michelangelo.  I bought this particular font for a class project.  I use it quite a bit in scrapbooking.
The last one I am going to show you is called CASH.  I love this font – I mean it looks like the font on money.  How cool is that?  This particular font I bought back in high school and I make sure with every computer I own I move this font.
SmileI have no idea if these fonts will actually make it to my blog with all the restrictions and computer details but I figured it would be fun to try

Screen shot just in case:

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