Happy Thanksgiving Banner

Andrea Currie did a fantastic Happy Thanksgiving Banner with acorns.  My daughter is obsessed with acorns but I decided I wanted to do something a little more personal.  So I decided to make handprint turkey banners with the kids (well one of the kids – the other screamed through it and tried to eat feathers.)  We are hosting Thanksgiving on Saturday instead of Thursday because of work schedules and really, who wants to go to work after stuffing yourself like a turkey?


2 empty cereal boxes

2 1/2 sheets of 12×12 paper

Tacky Glue and Glue Stick

Cricut – George Basic Shapes or something that can give you pre-cut letters

1 sheet of pink paper

Googly eyes

Child(ren) handprint


Glitter glue/Puffy paint in assorted colors



Craft ribbon


Flatten an empty cereal box


Trace handprints onto the cardboard.  I did a template for some of them my daughter did trace her hand but got bored 1/2 way through.  The little man would have never stayed still long enough to complete this task.  I also traced my hand and my husband’s hand for the “capital” letters for our sign.


The next part was the tedious part.  I cut out each of the hands.  Then I realized I had traced the template the wrong way (because you want all your turkeys going the right way.) 


We then glued them onto brown paper.


We cut them out and added little googly eyes with silver glitter glue.


Working on the eyes of the turkeys.   We also used gold glitter glue for the and red puffy paint for the wattle.


My Cricut (I pulled it out of my son’s closet) so I wouldn’t have to cut out all the letters.  I forgot how cool this machine is.


My helper gluing the letters on the turkeys.


Adding the feathers to the tail.


I then punched one hole in the center of the tail and fed the ribbon through.  I also weaved the ribbon around the last feather.  I had a lot of help climbing on the step ladder and hanging our sign.


This project should be done over a couple days or a very long rainy afternoon.  I do not recommend doing this while cooking or baking (the feathers make a huge mess).  I am very pleased with how this turned out and I think my guests are going to love it!

Happy Thanksgiving Smile

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