New Year Resolutions (Promises to Myself)

Every year I try to keep my resolutions through the end of January and I fail miserably every year.  I do the normal Resolutions:  I will lose weight (which I have done, I am the smallest I have been in 20 years), exercise more (I walk every day), get organized (my desk is laughing at me), learning a foreign language (non – I had to ask my husband how to say No in French) but usually by the end of January the Resolution nostalgia has lost it’s “sparkle” like the new toy sitting under my child’s bed.  This year I am not calling them “Resolutions” I am calling them “Promises” because I hate breaking promises, even if they are to myself.
So what do I hope to accomplish this year? 
Here is a list in no particular order of things I hope to accomplish next year:

  • “Unplugged Sundays”  In the New Year I will NOT post on Sundays.  I plan on keeping my computer off and not even checking Facebook and email from my phone.  This will not be easy for me but I think if I unplug for a day a week my blog and my sanity will be saved.
  • I want to do a Date Night with my husband once a month nothing big coffee, a walk in the park,  maybe dinner – ONE RULE: NO CHILDREN!
    • A Couple Hours with friends once a week.  Whether it is coffee, tea, drinks or cards at my house or their house or somewhere else.  Just to talk and enjoy their company.
    • Finish a Project a Week – that is right I am going to start a Finish It Friday.  I think this might get me on track.
    • I am going to enter at least one competition next year for my painting.  I think this might help me boost my confidence in producing my art work.
    • I want to try my hand at on-line Craft TV, do a watercolor video tutorial for my blog (yes Happy Trees will be mentioned more than once) or teaching a class at the local studio (I am crazy but I think it will be fun or an Epic Fail – lol!)
    • I want to get prints on my Etsy Store.  I think I would have interested parties if I did this (or I could be missing the ball completely).
    • I want to be organized (the roaring laughter you hear is my husband).  I have gotten better but I still have a huge wall to jump over, mainly because I don’t have enough boxes or bins (with locks).  Or once I get something organized I have a little man helping me (“Uh-Oh!”  contents of box emptied on the floor).
    • I also want to do a “Blog Hop” I am planning on doing a Christmas Card Blog Hop in 2011.  I hope I can keep up Christmas in July (in Savannah) might be hard.
    • Artist Trading Cards – I plan on making a couple this year.  They look like fun and it might get me to finish stuff.
    • Maybe just maybe I will attempt a foreign language: French or Spanish.
    • Computer off at 9pm (expect Tuesday & Wednesday nights, so I can watch Craft TV).  This will give me more time to paint and maybe even try this thing called “reading.”
    • Insulate the garage and get a digital thermostat (I finished the cabinets so these are the next things on the list).
    • A new kitchen table with “matching” chairs.  My kitchen table is awesome but the chairs are a Budweiser Director’s chair, a computer chair and a wooden chair that we put a booster seat on for my daughter (my son is still in the high chair).  I think it is time we ditch the college look and get a real kitchen table with matching chairs.

    Well that is it, I think the name change will help.  Not to sure if I can successfully do any of them but it is worth a shot.

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