My Daughter’s 2010 Christmas Ornament – Giraffe

I started this last year when times were really, really tight.  I had my daughter pick a toy she wanted me to make for her.  She picked her Littlest Pet Shop Dragonfly.  He turned out really really cute and made me think I am never buying another Hallmark Ornament again.  I love them and have several of them but why pay $20-$30 for something that is Made in China when I can make her something she will always cherish.  This year I picked her Giraffe.  Giraffe is a staple he travels with us and sleeps with her (she will not sleep with out Giraffe).  Giraffe is 5 and is well loved, he has been sewn back together several times.  My daughter got her from my mother and father in law for her first Christmas.  I will no doubt cry the first night my daughter doesn’t sleep with Giraffe because he is a staple.  Jillian's Play Time Feb. and Mar. 2006 012

First Time my daughter reached for Giraffe on her own and Giraffe hasn’t left her bedside since.

As you can see Giraffe is so cute with the pink and brown (I will say he is well loved and is not that pink anymore but still cute!)  I remember the first hole Giraffe got my daughter said “Mommy, ‘Raffe has a Boo-boo!”  I sewed his head seam back together to keep the stuffing from coming out.  Surprisingly there hasn’t been too much mending, lots of cleaning but not much mending.


So I have a gaggle of felt and decided this year I was going to recreate Giraffe.  I had no pattern and “winged it” I figured if it didn’t turn out no big deal I will make it out of clay. 


I took some brown felt and sewed it to the pink felt.


I cut the piece into fourths.


Then sewed the bottom together first making the feet.


Because I was “In the Zone” I forgot to take pictures before I attached the head.


Giraffe with spots.

I need to figure out how to hang him on the tree and I need to embroider his eyes and nose (I am out of brown thread).  I will get pictures of my daughter and her Giraffe once it is finished (we are decorating the tree on Saturday.)

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