I love Peanut Brittle but the thought of making it used to make me cringe.  The boiling hot sugar mixture and the mess I would make.  I have no idea where I found this recipe but I now make my Peanut Brittle (this year cashew brittle because the Booga has a peanut allergy) in the MICROWAVE!!!!
1 1/2 Cup Dry Roasted Peanuts (I’m using Cashews)
1/2 Cup Light Corn Syrup
1 Cup White Sugar
1 TBSP Butter
1 TSP Baking Soda
1 TSP Vanilla
In a large glass bowl mix peanuts, corn syrup, and white sugar put in microwave 6 –7 minutes.  Add butter and vanilla.  Microwave 2-3 minutes add baking soda quickly.  Pour onto greased baking sheet – let cook for 15 minutes.  Break apart and store in an air tight container.
Note – If you are using cashews use 6 minutes and 2 minutes instead of 7 and 3 minutes for cooking time.  Of course I had to test it to make sure it tasted good Open-mouthed smile  TWO THUMBS WAY UP!!!!!!

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