Progress Report–YAY for Unplugged Sundays!

Yesterday I was unplugged for the most part, I did check the internet from my phone, so I could check the score of the Packer game.  I made HUGE progress on so many things – the biggest being the felt tent.

  • Giraffe Ornament – still needs eyes, nose and a hanger  FINISHED!!!!  The tree is decorated!




  • Felt Play Tent – HUGE Progress on the play tent this weekend!  Pictures of 2 of the sides pinned to the background.  I have actually started sewing the engine to the background.  I decided to hand sew the background because I HATE rethreading a sewing machine and changing bobbins.  This is easier for me and I don’t have to pull out the sewing machine.
  • Grandma Presents – I am wood burning frames 1 is still in the wrapper the other is 75% done.   I still need to stain them but I will do that soon.  I don’t want to upload photos yet because I want Grandma’s to see them before Christmas.
  • Coasters – TWO Sets Finished!  Two more to go.
  • Cookies – Ingredients bought nothing started
  • Class party – I am making Gingerbread Men so the kids can decorate them (5 year olds + frosting = FUN!)  I sent the letter out yesterday to remind the parents when the party is.   I need to figure out snack food and supplies.
  • Jeff’s Present – not started – looked for the Iron On Transfers but they still elude me.  I also had another idea for him this weekend that I think I will also be doing.
  • Jillian’s LPS House – STARTED!!!  After my computer crashed (BIG TIME!) last night I decided to take my frustrations out on some Foam Core.  I haven’t taken any photos yet because I was trying to get as much done as possible and I don’t want my daughter to even see the photos.
  • Manatee – 50% done I did get more teal paint so maybe I will work on that this weekend.


  • Christmas Cards – BOUGHT!  Embellishment almost FAIL.  I decided to buy 3 $1.00 pack of cards on Saturday.  I thought they needed more “bling” so I added glitter.  The cards were dry to the touch and I picked them up.  20 minutes later I sit down to write and they were almost glued together.  So I had to redo the glitter making Manda very ANGRY!  The cards are almost finished waiting on two addresses (and a Christmas letter) and I am giving them to today to get them to me (Jeff has till Friday!)  If I don’t have the addresses today no Christmas card for them.   Side note, if I buy 2 packs of cards and it says 16 cards and envelopes, I expect 16 envelopes not 12 or 13.

As for my computer it is amazing once you disable 1/2 of the VISTA programs, uninstall 1/2 of Adobe Master Suite CS3 and defrag how much smoother your computer runs Open-mouthed smile

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