Remembering John Lennon…


Thirty years ago today John Lennon was murdered in New York City.  I have know idea where I was (I’m guessing sleeping) when my parents found out, I was only one.  Growing up every year on the anniversary of his death my parents played the Beatles or his music at nauseam (it drove me nuts, until one day I realized this is REALLY GOOD MUSIC!)  I grew up appreciating his music not only the Beatles but his own work (Imagine is one of my favorite songs).  I enjoyed what his music said Give Peace a Chance and of course the lyrics to Imagine. 


My high school graduation cap was a cut out of John Lennon out of orange construction paper – yep that is me.  I will say my family was able to pick me out of the crowd.  At my wedding my brother and I danced to Imagine because it was the song he always associated with me.

I wanted to write a quick post remembering a man I never met but has always been inspiration to me.  Music is an art form, one that I have never mastered and for everyone’s ears never will master.  The way the music and the words flow is an art form that only a few can master and John Lennon mastered this art form.  I listen to The Beatles (the White Album) when I paint and my iPod is filled with John Lennon and other Beatles songs when I create other items.  There is nothing better then sewing to the John Lennon Collection (trust me I have been sewing for weeks).  As I said I was one when John Lennon was murdered but he still inspires my art and my life everyday, thank you John.

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