How To Make Ceramic Coasters (Easy)

Easy Ceramic Coasters

I am really into coasters this Holiday Season but there was no way I was paying $20 for 4 coasters (beverage NOT included).  So we went to my favorite supply store (Home Depot) and bought white ceramic bathroom tiles ($0.16 a piece).  I once again am using PLAID Enamels paint (leftovers from last year) the more I use these paints the more I like them.
I only have 5 colors:  #4032 Licorice, #4056 Frost White, #4006 Engine Red, #4017 Lemon Custard and #4025 Cobalt.  I have had color theory so I can pretty much match any color I need (it is a pain but it works).  I plan on getting more colors some day but right now I really don’t have the room or the need for a ton of colors.  I also find that using a solid color such as black or blue works so much better with stamping.
PLAID Enamel Paints (any color your heart desires)
4 Ceramic Tiles
Felt (any color)
Hot Glue Gun or Tacky Glue
*Dry Erase Marker
First you need an image or and idea – I will be showing two different coaster sets at the same time to demonstrate the different techniques.

This tile I took a ruler and found center by drawing an X across the tile.
These tiles I laid next to each other and started stamping.


I drew the design in this case a mustache with a dry eraser marker.


Stamping the tiles


Finished Mustache Tiles


Finished Stamped tiles.  I did go over the stamps with a brush to make it darker.

Once the paint set for an hour I them baked it in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  I let them cool and add felt with hot glue gun or Tacky Glue.  Tie with a pretty bow and now you have a pretty set of ceramic coasters it makes the perfect Christmas Gift (trust me I am making several sets!)

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