Finish It Friday!

Well the To-Do List was vast but looking at last week’s list I got a heck of a lot done.


Our Christmas Tree is up and decorated.


Cashew Brittle made (and has been quality tested repeatedly)


Christmas cards are only waiting on Jeff’s Christmas Letter


Found an awesome Sugar Cookie recipe for my daughter’s class next week.  Made a test batch on Tuesday and have been eating them ever since.  This is not a family recipe so I will be posting the recipe soon Smile


Grandma Helen’s Fudge Recipe.  I will not posting this recipe it is a family recipe (I do not post coveted family recipes).  I only got this recipe five years ago when I got married (it is a requirement to receive the family recipes).


One of the Grandma Wood Burned Picture frames.  The other has the kids name on it so I’m not going to post it.


Coaster set for a Christmas present – yes those are mustaches.  I don’t think he reads my blog if he does… Todd look surprised when you get your package Smile with tongue out


Another set of coasters.  Not sure who is getting this set but who ever gets it acted surprised when you open it Smile with tongue out 

I also have made great progress on Jeff’s present but I am not going to post his for a couple reasons – mainly because I know he reads my blog.


And how could I forget the biggest thing I finished this week.  The felt play tent.  I finished it and I still don’t believe it.


I plan on making cookies, peppermint bark, and divinity (not the family recipe – it is a Betty Crocker Recipe) this weekend.  I also plan on finishing Jeff and Jillian’s presents.  I also need to work on my nephew’s tool set which I will be working on today.  All in all it has been a very productive week.

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