Eco-Friendly Poinsettia Pin Tutorial

Eco-Friendly Poinsettia Pin

The original idea came from Cool 2 Craft where Tiffany Windsor took old tea candle tins and made flowers with them.  I thought that was the neatest thing ever and decided with Christmas fast approaching to make a Poinsettia Flower.  I have been thinking about this for a couple of days now but I didn’t know what to do with it.  I thought maybe make several and decorate a vase with them or make gift tags.  On Sunday I started going through some of my supplies and organizing them and found pin backs and I knew this was the way to go.  I stopped what I was doing and immediately started burning tea candles so I could make flowers (remember I have ACD – Attention Crafting Disorder Smile with tongue out).  Once the candle were done burning, I got to work and remembered to take progress photos.  I hope everyone enjoys it, I know I had fun making themSmile.
2 EMPTY Tea Candle Tins
Hot Glue
Pin Back
*Seed Beads
*Glitter Glue
*Dry Erase Marker
My inspiration for drawing the pattern.
Tea candle tin I drew a basic 7 leaf poinsettia with a dry erase marker on to the tin.
I then cut out the flower making sure that I only cut to the beginning of the middle circle.  I then flatten the tin as best as I could by smashing it with my hand against the table.
I took the second tea candle tin only using the bottom circle I drew the 5 leaves and cut it out.  Don’t throw anything yet – you will be needing them.
Out of one of the larger scraps I drew another 5 leaves.  Once again making sure not to cut all the way to the center.
I then glued all three pieces together with hot glue.  Sorry no pictures me and hot glue are exactly BFF’s if you know what I mean.
I then hot glued the pin back on.  I am aware the pin back is gold but it didn’t matter because I was painting it anyways.
I painted it with craft paint.  Used green glitter glue to attach the yellow seed beads to the flower.
Sorry the photo is bad I was taking it myself and trying hard not to get the Packers Logo on my sweatshirt in there.  Surprisingly it isn’t sharp and looks really cool.  I think I need to burn some more tea candles and make some flowersSmile  I plan on using some for gift tags or even closures for my cookie boxes or making a vase with them – the possibilities are endless.

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