Putting Green Progress–WIP Wednesday

Yes I have made more progress on a putting green.  I still have to sew green felt to the green and a couple of “sand traps” but I am making progress.  I also think I will NEVER want to sew felt ever again after this year – lol.

The one thing that I needed to figure out was the “hole”  I needed it to be raised up so the ball could drop into the cup.  So I came up with the following idea, made from cardboard, a paper Halloween cup and hot glue (no pattern just winged it).


I cut the top off of the cup, leaving about a 1/2” for a lip.  I then drew around the cup on the cardboard.


I then cut the circle out of the slant.


I hot glued the slant to the cup and then traced the whole thing onto a bigger piece of cardboard.


Once the piece was completely cut out I hot glued the cup to the base and then did 1/2” supports to the base.


I then hot glued the slant to the base.


Close up of the cup with the hot glue and the interior of the cup that I covered in white felt.


The felt – I laid it over the top and drew around the opening and cut out the circle.  I then hot glued it down.


Close up of the side of the hole before I covered it with felt.


The green on the felt bummer that I am going to add green and brown, so it looks like a putting green.


My putter.  I can not find more dowels to make another one so it might have to wait until after the holidays.  Wal-mart has a very poor craft selection and you can not pay me to go to the other side of town for dowel rods this time of year.

I am almost done with this and Jeff’s present as well but I can’t really finish it because he is on vacation.  I might be able to sneak some working time on it if not I will give it to him unfinished with the promise of finishing it soon.

We plan on doing a “family craft” today our traditional salt dough ornaments so I hope to have photos of everyone being “crafty” today. 

FOUR DAYS and then I can start planning for next year Smile with tongue out

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