How to add a favicon in Blogger

Favicon stuff 1
Adding a favicon has been on my to do list for quite sometime but until yesterday I sort of forgot about it.  I googled how to add a favicon in Blogger and found a great site.  I did type my own instructions with step by step photos so anyone could do this (including my mom Smile with tongue out).
I read the information provided and went to this website and created my favicon.
Favicon stuff 2
Once this step is completed the box will look like this:
Favicon stuff 3
Go into Blogger –> Design –> Edit HTML –> BACK UP YOUR TEMPLATE!!!!
Once you have backed up your template search for (In Firefox it is Edit –> Find.  Copy the following and place in the box.):
Favicon stuff copy 4
Place the link of the generated favicon after ]]></b:skin> and just before </head> as shown above.
Preview template to ensure the favicon is in the address bar replacing the Blogger B.  If everything is okay hit save and congratulations you have a favicon for your blog!

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