Craft Tech University is GREAT!

On Saturday, I took my two hour class with Samantha Star.  I can honestly say I didn’t know what to expect, my expectations were average.  I figured I won the class I wouldn’t be out any money if the class was okay.  I had never taken an on-line class such as this so I didn’t quite know what to expect.  I have had classes in person that were awful and some that were amazing.  I thought for sure I would be distracted, I wouldn’t be able to follow along or it would be boring.  All were so far from the truth and I am grateful that I was able to take this amazing class and I want to apologize to everyone involved with Craft Tech University that it would be anything less.  The class was fantastic!  Samantha Star was motivational, a wonderful teacher, she showed and explained every step of the way.  I loved working at the quick pace it was absolutely invigorating!  I learned so much and used tools that I would have never bought for myself or ever thought I needed.  I now have a heat gun and OH BOY am I excited about that baby!  I owned one in college it burnt up (died) and I never replaced it because I NEVER used it, now I will be whipping that Bad Boy out on a regular basis! 
I want to thank Craft Tech University, Linda Peterson and Samantha Star (Tiffany Windsor too) for putting together a wonderful Craft JAM Day!  I only got to see Samantha Star’s class and I wish I would have done the whole day but I think the kids (and Jeff) would have freaked out.
Without further ado my cards from Samantha Star’s class:
Picture 6
Card #1 – I made the wrong type of tree stamp but I like it.  I carved this stamp out of a plastic white eraser.  The “dark bumps” are seed beads that I adhered to the card.
Picture 7
Card #2 I love this card.  I got to use my new Ice Blue Glitter Glue (Stickles wanna be – lol).  I love how the light blue picks up the blue in the background – the photo does not do this card justice.
 Picture 8
Card #3 – I will say this is my least favorite card.  I love the background technique but I made a mess with the embossing powder and my tape runner ran out of tape on this card, I went with the liquid glue warping the card.  The stamp I carved to look like a Unity Stamp.  The hello was also carved by me and is my favorite font P22 Eaglefeather.
Picture 9
Card #4 – This is the giant stamp that I carved based on the Savvy Stamp Postcard Collage.  Mine has a compass in the background, believe, dreams, love, the years my kids were born (in my handwriting) and my hometown as the postmark stamp.  I love this card!
Picture 5
This is how you judge a good class by how much ink is on your hands!  Thank you again Samantha Star and Craft Tech University!  I can NOT wait until the next one Open-mouthed smile

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