Happy New Year! My “Word” for 2011

I decided to have a “word” for 2011, I wasn’t going to jump on the word band wagon but this morning – I found my word.  I am currently (as in stopped to type this post) working on a stamp.  I enjoy carving my own stamps, always have.  I took a Postcard Collage Stamp from Stamp Happens and decided to create my own – basically the same thing but with a more personal meaning. 


One of the things I did was write the word BELIEVE in the background.  I thought that is it BELIEVE will be my word for 2011.  The stamp I am creating is a tribute to my grandfather and on the last card he sent me he wrote the word BELIEVE in the card (nothing more just BELIEVE).  The Christmas card was waiting for me when I came back to Georgia from his funeral.  I didn’t open the card until Father’s Day because I knew that would be the last letter or card from him.

I haven’t thought about that card in eight years.  It is amazing how one project can strike such an emotional nerve and lead to such a remarkable outcome.  So with that I introduce my word for 2011:



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