It is Finish It Friday but Nothing is Finished–lol!

I have about eight projects going on at the same time but not one is finished.  The main reason why I postponed a blog post today was to see if I could actually get something finished.  Not so much.

Today I worked on finding a screen video capture program so we can record the Creative EdVenture Shows and up load them to You Tube and Facebook.  My show The Paint Box had an error with the recording process and they (Linqto) are currently working on getting it fixed (I hope soon, I want to watch it – lol!)  You can catch Robi@Nite on the playback – it is a great show and EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH IT!

My Booga has also been up since 4am which means aside from falling asleep on the couch this morning I got very little sleep last night.  I did update the tutorial page on my blog and added some marquee boxes to clean up the side bars a little.

I am also working on my Christmas Cards for the Blog Hop next Friday.  I know I just finished Christmas and I am working on next year’s already?  Crazy I know but I think I will actually get Christmas Cards out this way Smile

I do plan on doing a brief summary of Thursdays show but I need the play back to work so I can remember what I said.  Also Todd (my BFF – lol) is coming on Sunday, he is the only person in the world that can make me willing miss a Packer Post Season Game.  I have not seen him in five years and he will be here Sunday for a couple days.  So if you don’t hear from me much in the next couple of days that is why TODD IS HERE!

Rehearshal Dinner, Wedding, & Brunch August 3, 4, & 5, 2005 027

Todd and I – I was almost seven months pregnant with my daughter in this photo.

One thought on “It is Finish It Friday but Nothing is Finished–lol!

  1. GreetiNg AmaNda, I waNted to say a quick 'Hello' aNd iNtroduce myself as oNe of the crafty fRieNds joiNiNg Teresas 'Christmas CaRd' blog hopCaN't wait to see aNd get to know you aNd your taleNts aNd cReAte aNd dReAm with with the group this coMiNg year. ~Blessed Be fRoM the 'hobbit house' of kAtiE

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