How I prepare for The Paint Box…

So I read Roberta Cohen’s blog post about how she prepares for her show and I was amazed (and a tad bit jealous).  I in no way throw my show together at 11am but I am not that organized.  I do layout and try to plan what I do but with the Booga it is hard to plan that much.  I have stuff everywhere in every room of my house.  My acrylic paints are in the pantry, my oils are on the top shelf of Booga’s closet, most of my paper is out in the garage in a plastic bin (I know that is not the best place for it but it is that or have it eaten), my watercolor palette is on the top shelf of the DVD stand, the watercolors are under a chair and my scrapbooking stuff is in a giant box in our room.   I think if most people saw what my work space was or what it even looked like I think they would feel sorry for me.  I went from having a room to having a table with very little storage. 

I have a drafting table with no shelves, I have 2 plastic dressers underneath the drafting table (that I am constantly closing due to my son opening them.  I have stacks of books everywhere because I don’t want them eaten by the Booga.  I use our DVD shelf as more storage to items I need in my reach but out of the Booga’s reach.  The fact I am able to create anything is a miracle, I am well aware of this fact but it still makes me envious of other people’s setups. 

What my desk looks like until Wednesday night – I clean it every Wednesday before bed:

Picture 28

What my “demo” area currently looks like on a Tuesday Night.  Brochures for design reference, my note pad, my daughter’s hair tie, spray bottle, iPod, paint, Prismacolor marker and my brushes.

Picture 29

Some where under that is my desk.  In my defense I have been working on a huge graphic design project (note the brochures).  The yellow pad is my note pad it stays on the desk because I will misplace it otherwise.  The giant pile on top of the scanner (the blue box) is all my painting stuff for The Paint Box.

I usually have a basic idea of what I want to do and I sit and prepare Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  This week I have been really busy.  I am currently in the beginning stages of a HUGE graphic design project.  It is so big that I am seriously looking at dropping some major dough on a iMac because my little laptop (in the picture) just does not have the processing power I need.  If that will happen soon will depend on several factors but I am hopeful that I can figure out some way without selling my soul – lol. 

Also have I mentioned how much I HATE VISTA!  Yesterday I was prompted to install more useless updates and because one was a security update for Office, I figured I would because the last time this happened it wouldn’t use Word.  During the morning virus scan I had 4 (that is right 4!)  Viruses!  So I had to go through uninstall the corrupted files, then reinstall the original files and do the scan again.  I also had to reset my printer in Fire Fox because VISTA decided that Fire Fox shouldn’t be allowed to access my printer to print emails.  Sorry that was just a little rant from dealing with my computer issues today.

So back to my post about how I prepare… I write down what I did and the what I want to cover on the next show.

Picture 30

Here are my notes on what I want to cover on Thursday.  It is only a half hour show so I’m not sure if I will be able to cover everything.

I do put thought into my shows and I hope to be able to continue producing a good quality show along with teaching people the “joys of painting”.  I think Bob would be very happy that I am inspiring people to embrace their Bob-Rossness.  I promise for everyone’s sake I will not perm my hair, no fro for this painter Open-mouthed smile  Halloween all bets are off – lol!

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