Why I Love Skype…

So last night I got a phone call from my brother, “We got a webcam, wanna Skype and meet your nephew?”

Me: “YES!  YES!  YES!”

It has been two years since I have seen my brother in person with Facebook I have gotten to see my nephew through photos and videos posted there.  We also talk quite a bit (we are a gabby bunch).  My nephew is 6 months older than the Booga and is the spitting image of my brother.  I have been bugging my brother that he needed to get a webcam since I got mine for Christmas.  This past Thursday Steph came to The Paint Box and we chatted a little after the show and she was completely sold on the webcam. 

I allowed my kids to stay up past their bed time so they could talk to their Uncle Nay-Nay, Auntie Steph and their cousins.  I walked Nathan and Steph through the Skype set up and how to get their webcam to work.  I had my daughter talk to her Uncle Nay-Nay while I took a reservations call.  All I heard was Nathan say how big she was.  My daughter kept mentioning to my brother he needed to brush his hair (it was really funny).

To me it was really cool to chat with my brother, Steph and my nephews.  Today I will be Skyping (is that a word?) with my mom and dad because Steph is going for a visit.  My dad has never met the Booga so this should be really cool (I’m sure there will be lots of tears – my mom “Jude” is a crier).  Now if we can get my parents to get a notebook or a computer with a webcam so we can all Skype together that will be awesome!

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