Zentangles… and Finding My Happy Place

I must admit at first I didn’t want to know what Zentangles were or how they were created (I am too damn busy!)  Then I started seeing more posts at The Hive about them and my Facebook Feed looked like a Zentangles advertisement page, so I decided to read about them.  I found claims that they are used for relaxation, inspiration, anger management, design inspiration, stress management and many more claims.  I also refused to pay $49.00 for a kit that teaches me how to doodle, I also have almost every thing to make my own kit.  I read about them, I was still not impressed – “glorified doodles.”  It reminded me of the margins of my art history notes in college (I have very impressive doodles – lol).  I decided to give it a chance, even as skeptical as I was (see the Facebook post below).
Here is my Facebook post from last night:

“is going to try and do a zentangles. Don’t ask I don’t know what the hell they are either – lol. To me they look like glorified patterned doodles – I think my brain will allow that tonight and not much else – lol.”

I found a piece of 8”x8” Bristol Board, I taped it down and started to doodle.  I found myself not thinking about anything there was almost a “zen” quality to the drawing.  I honestly, can’t remember the last time I was that relaxed when I was drawing, even when I sketch I am “thinking”.  With this I wasn’t thinking it was just doodling.  I found myself completely relaxed I wasn’t thinking about anything, the graphic design project I am working on or what I was going to do tomorrow or any other random thing that has been keeping me up at night (there has been quite a bit).  I admit my sleep has not been great, I am constantly thinking and have I mentioned I have a Booga?  Who has decided 5am is a great time to wake and stay up this week.  I needed something that would shut my mind down almost like what meditation or yoga does to most people.  I think harder when I do both.  I try to let go but my brain goes into overdrive and I think of everything I should be doing.  With the Zentangles it wasn’t like that at all, not only was I able to shut my brain off to thought but I felt like I was working on design stuff so I was being productive at the same time.
Last night I slept better than I have in over two weeks and to my surprise when I looked at the Zentangle drawing this morning I liked it!  Have I become a believer in Zentangles?  Yep, I have.  I see many more (smaller) drawings in my future.  I might even sell some on Etsy.  The drawings do remind me of M.C. Escher drawings and I am okay with that. 
Here is my first “official” Zentangle drawing”:
Picture 31

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