Up-Cycled Travel Watercolor Case

Up-cycled Travel Watercolor CaseThe Booga was going through one of the desk drawers yesterday when he pulled out a Mac Zip Disk.  Besides the fact I laughed knowing I will never get everything off of that disk; I realized how thick the case was and I thought wow, I could so do something with that.  I thought and thought then it hit me – this would be a perfect watercolor case.

I got to work and decided fun foam would work fantastic  for the wells.  The test went together well but when I added water to the paint my seams were not sealed as well as I had thought.  This led me back to the drawing board.  I decided to assemble the wells on the outside then attach them with hot glue to the container.  I chose hot glue because it is waterproof and works much faster than Tacky Glue (even the Quick Dry).

The dimensions of the case are 4” x 4”  I did six wells, each well is a 1/2” wide  by 1” in length.  The dimensions are 3” x 1” for the completed wells.  When I hot glued it to the case I went a little crazy I hot glued all sides and the bottom (I didn’t want the paint to mix).  I also cut a brush down and some paper to fit into the case for the perfect travel kit.

Picture 33

The Zip disk if you are unfamiliar with what they are think of them as the precursor to USB drives.

Picture 34

Look at all the room – oh the possibilities.

Picture 37

Measuring, cutting to see it this is going to work.

Picture 41

Not in this picture there are 8 wells.  I forgot that you need to be able to shut the lid and with 8 you could not.

Picture 42

My modification to 6 wells.  This is the first one that I did with Tacky Glue.  No waterproof so I redid it.

Picture 50

The new one made with foam and hot glue.  Not as neat as the first one but it is waterproof.

Picture 51

What it looks like with the lid closed before I added the cover to the paint wells.

Picture 52

The paint brush – I cut with an Exacto knife and sanded to fit in the case.

Picture 53

The lid attached with my new B.F.F. metal tape.

Picture 54

Everything closed.

Picture 55

Top can hold paper and the bottom holds the brush and the paint.

Picture 56

Showing the paint.

Picture 57

The Travel Watercolor Case completed!

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