Zentangles Orbs and My Up-Cycled Travel Case

I know I have been writing quite a bit about Zentangles but I admit these little drawings are FANTASTIC stress relievers.  I told about a challenge from one of my readers (Thank you Leslie!) and decided to try making a Zentangle according to the challenge – I am Diva weekly Zentangle challenge is Orbs.  I admit I am all about orbs – remember I answer the phone for a WALKING Ghost Tour Company, orbs are part of the fun!  When I think of orbs I think of pictures I have seen with little balls of light almost like a photographers flare.  I love orbs and have always been fascinated with them, so this challenge was right up my alley.

I decided I wanted a book or a case to carry everything in.  The Booga once again came through in spectacular style with a old AOL disk holder.  I pulled out the insides and made a “sketchbook” out of some Canson giant sketchbook paper that I cut to 9” x 7” – I then stapled and folded everything over.

I decided I wasn’t a fan of the clear container so I decided to do a Zentangle cover.  I decided to “take the Orb Challenge” and create a Zentangle that I would like for a long, long time.

Picture 43 

The case – cleaned with non-acetone Nail Polish Remover and a cotton ball.

Picture 44

The DVD tray removed.

Picture 45

The paper folded where the staples will be.  I stapled the paper flat into my carpet, then folded the staples over.

Picture 46

The outer edge.

Picture 47

The inside note the staples folded over.

Picture 49

Closed holds a pen fantastically!

Zentangles 001

The front covered.  This piece was drawn with a 03 Staedtler Pigment Liner.  The shading was done with 40% Cool Gray and 20% Cool Gray Prismacolor Markers.  I used Liquitex Matte Medium to adhere it to the plastic and to seal it.  It did smear the ink in some places but I LOVE it!


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