Garden Plan 2011

Oh yes it is that time of year to plan and start my GARDEN!!!  This year I concluded my garden will be the same size as last year but I am going to modify it to produce more vegetables (companion gardening).  This year I am moving the garden in by a foot from the fence because last year my neighbors thought my pole beans were weeds and sprayed them with weed killer.  I myself am still puzzled by this fact because beans look nothing like weeds (Jeff pointed out most men don’t know what vegetables look like  unless they are deep fried – I thought that was a good point).  The other thing that made me mad was the fact that they have morning glories on our fence and have essentially taken over everything  and they get mad when I trim them back.  Anyways I decided to move my garden in one foot to prevent being sprayed with weed killer.

Picture 58

Vista and my scanner are having issues this morning so I took a picture with the web cam.  Each drawn square is the equivalent of 1’x1’  the area is 14’x18’ which is the same dimensions as last year.  The big difference this year is corn.  I am growing corn this year, I have NEVER grown corn so this should be interesting.  I also plan on planting Sunflowers next to the corn.   I read it helps the corn (not sure how but if I can get a sunflower to actually grow it will be really cool!)

The lighter inner green squares are peas a ton of peas but last year I only had a return of 25% because I planted so late.  This year my peas will be in the ground by Valentine’s Day (a whole month earlier than last year).  I plan on sowing most of my seed this weekend (peppers, some tomatoes – NEED Roma seeds), corn, and cucumbers into starter containers.  Hopefully I will make grand progress on cleaning the beds today (I will take before and after pictures because it is really bad!)

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