Heart Garland–Kid Friendly Project

I did not come up with this project on my own it was in the 2011 February Family Fun Magazine.  I learned long ago not to show my daughter the photos of the projects or I would be told repeatedly ours doesn’t look like the pictures.  I did not have the same beads to make the one in Family Fun so I improvised.

We also did this project on Martin Luther King Day but I forgot to do the Blog Post.  I was looking for it and realized I never typed it.  I am sorry for the delay because this was a great project!

Materials (I used):

Tubes (one TP and one Paper Towel roll)

Red Acrylic Craft Paint

Foam Brushes (Dollar Tree – great to have on hand!)

Yarn – I used red

Pony Beads (Dollar Store) – We picked out Valentines colors: red, pink, fuchsia and white.

Homemade Red Glimmer Mist


1/16” Paper Punch (GREATEST THING EVER!)

Big Needle (I have no idea what they are called but it works great with yarn)



Paint the tubes red


Flatten and mark off 1” pieces – I used a red magic marker so it wouldn’t be so noticeable


Cut the cardboard tube.  Once the pieces are cut, form heart by pushing one of the points in.  I then took a the punch and punched the hole in the top and the bottom.  It makes it so much easier to thread.


Threading the Big Needle


The pattern:  Bead—> Cardboard Heart –> Bead –> Space –> Repeat

Me threading the hearts and beads.


Finished threading the hearts.  We then sprayed it with the Glimmer Mist because we forgot to paint the inside.  They currently hang in my window Smile

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